Friday, September 18, 2009


so, it seems i haven't blogged for a very long time.
since then i've gotten obsessed with donnie darko UH-GAIN! and fallen in love with Monorail Cat! Thank god for teh intrawebz!!!1!!11
i have become a total rebel, seriously i'm such a bamf these days -____-"
and i like this band called enter shikari, yuuh, they're pre' great.
i decided on what job i would like :D
i decided high school isn't so bad after all!
and i am crazy for small plastic cups of frozen reconstituted orange juice affectionately known as OJ cups.
Here is my song:
my OJ cup is frozen hard,
makes me say,
"oh my lawd!"
thank you, for blessing me with
80 cents to pay the canteen fee,
it tastes good!
and i know, as such,
this is my OJ cup, you can't touch!

okay so maybe it's not very original but the lyrics mean so much to me! n___n
so, i suppose i've changed a lot since i started this blog, maybe that's a good thing for the people who read this or maybe not, but it's good for me.
oh and the chuck palahniuk writes the most incredible books.
good day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I missed you :)

I'm back like cooked crack....the cat in the hat! hah I see no one missed me :/ well...I don't have very much to say, I was just in the mood for posting today as I am home sick with a suspected case of swinefluenza (or so everyone keeps saying) umm I don't have much news. I feel like changing the 'unprofessional' layout of my blog. oh on Monday I have an interview with one of the biggest corporations in the world...they're going to pay me their blood money for turning burgers over so fat people's hunger can be satiated. I feel a little bit bad about this. My mum says I'm selling out and preying on peoples addictions and supporting globalization and all that but then she's not the one paying for all the stupid things I suddenly decide to want (i.e. 12 plastic 'deputy sheriff' badges from cheap as chips ;; thanks grandma C:)I do need money. I feel sad because I live in a world where you can't get money without hurting someone or doing something damaging. Aaanyway here is a short list containing things I love at the moment....
it is so interesting! it's amazing how cool some people are! and it makes me want to go to finland and sweden...the awesomest countries on our earth.
anyways NEXT thing is the band P:ano I don't exactly know how to describe them. Their myspace says indie/folk/pop but y'know that sounds boring. They use so many interesting sounds in their songs, my favourites being 'dark hills' and 'hiroshima mon amour' But yeah, P:ano are simply the best...well second best. I still love Emmy The Great with all my heart.
and lastly Edie Sedgwick! I don't think there'll ever be a celebrity (?) / famous figure I love more. ever.
here she is with bffl andy warhola. (L)

umm that is about all for now... goodness what an atrociously disorganised post! well I'll leave you with this hilarious (?) advertisement for Lucky Strike cigarettes...
love, peace and hairgrease ^^
ho ho ho

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


hello. my life is a bit of a farce and I don't have much time for you anymore. But I still love you. I'm very sorry. This is not the end. This is just me warning you I we might not talk for a while.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Of Intergalactic ice confectionaries, New Order and the future that never was...

We are in the midst of an angry heatwave and there is much sweating and gnashing of teeth but there is an answer...Zooper Doopers!!! They come in 16 cosmic flavours including Fairy Floss Forcefield, Bubblegum quasar, deep space Lime, Jaffa Jetstream, Toffee Apple taser, Strawberries & Cream cluster, galactic grape, Rasberry rocket, solar Shebert and many more. I know that totally sounded like an advertisement but it was just me expressing my love for the little tubes of frozen sugar water...I thought they were a relatively obscure product but on googling them I found a heated and often amusing discussion/debate on the best and worst flavours on In my humble opinion the best is grape and the worst Beaming Banana although Jaffa Jetstream was pretty foul as it tasted like chocolate as well as orange which isn't the best flavour for what is essentially icy cordial. Sigh I don't believe how much I just talked about ice blocks. In other news I've gotten into New Order their best song being Blue Mondays of course they are in no way as good as Joy Division but I'm enjoying them nonetheless.
One thing before I stop typing...does anyone wish they lived in the future of the 50's??

I'm really getting into the whole retro-futurism thing at the moment. It's really interiesting to see peoples depictions and predictions from different eras...they're way cooler than current foretellings (no pun intended) unfortunately I think that's because modern predictions are more other words the future will probably be real boring...especially for this blog. It tires me what do other people think about PERMAMENT DELETION??
I think it's time for a nap.


Lest We Forget
Today is the day the best show on Nickelodeon was pulled from free to air television in 2001.
Rest in peace Rocko, Heffer, Filburt, The Bigheads, Dr. Hutchinson, The Woolfs and Spunky.
And god bless Joe Murray.

Koga Family Park

Koga Family Park is located in Shiga prefecture, Japan and I desperately want to go there mainly in the hope that I get spirited away but also just because I find it really interesting to see those huge structures being eaten by the jungle and it makes me imagine Dreamworld in this state. How weird would that be? Overgrown Australia..

CuteXdooM2:Anita Fontaine;GoMA

When I was at GoMA (gallery of modern art in Brisbane) I came across this amazing video game in the New Media art exhibition. It's called Cutexdoom2 which sounds like a scene kid's myspace name but is in fact an interactive art installation in Playstation2 format about the strange completely unexplained obsession the world has with all things kawaii.Here is a description by the (australian) artist Anita Fontaine "Cutexdoom is where extremist nu-wave cults and consumerable plush icons unwillingly combine." Playing the game is exhausting for the eyes as colours flash pulsate and zigzag across the screen, static roars and the landscape warps, blurs and glitches intentionally. It was one of the most surreal experiences I've ever had and now I'm hellbent on figuring out how to get hold of the GoMA I think I accidentally drowned the protagonist Sally Sanrio in some noxious looking rainbow coloured water trying to escape Yumi-Co's toy temple (Yumi-Co is a cult of fanatical worshippers of cute..their god is an adorable robotic panda)... Yeah I could'nt get many pictures but there are more on her Flickr...But ANYWAY definitley check out the video on her site. Really do. It's masterly.