Saturday, January 31, 2009

Of Intergalactic ice confectionaries, New Order and the future that never was...

We are in the midst of an angry heatwave and there is much sweating and gnashing of teeth but there is an answer...Zooper Doopers!!! They come in 16 cosmic flavours including Fairy Floss Forcefield, Bubblegum quasar, deep space Lime, Jaffa Jetstream, Toffee Apple taser, Strawberries & Cream cluster, galactic grape, Rasberry rocket, solar Shebert and many more. I know that totally sounded like an advertisement but it was just me expressing my love for the little tubes of frozen sugar water...I thought they were a relatively obscure product but on googling them I found a heated and often amusing discussion/debate on the best and worst flavours on In my humble opinion the best is grape and the worst Beaming Banana although Jaffa Jetstream was pretty foul as it tasted like chocolate as well as orange which isn't the best flavour for what is essentially icy cordial. Sigh I don't believe how much I just talked about ice blocks. In other news I've gotten into New Order their best song being Blue Mondays of course they are in no way as good as Joy Division but I'm enjoying them nonetheless.
One thing before I stop typing...does anyone wish they lived in the future of the 50's??

I'm really getting into the whole retro-futurism thing at the moment. It's really interiesting to see peoples depictions and predictions from different eras...they're way cooler than current foretellings (no pun intended) unfortunately I think that's because modern predictions are more other words the future will probably be real boring...especially for this blog. It tires me what do other people think about PERMAMENT DELETION??
I think it's time for a nap.


peaitlreiecnia said...

i'm ever so glad you're back

i started to think about ending my blog too but then i remember how fun it is to post things. and i still love reading everyone else's. esp this one!

i'mm off to read the rest of your posts because as soon as the page loaded, i saw rocko, pez art and new order so i know i won't be disappointed

cureme said...

Hey there Android,
I really really appreciate your kind words! I stopped checking my blogs cause I lost hope people were reading them but then I came back and there you were actually reading my posts :) I kinda use my blogs to venture into my favorite things and to let other people know about things I think are small time but deserve to be heard, and I do it because I have no one to really talk about music with or the other weird/great things I love. My friends don't like the same things I do and just think David Lynch is strange and electro is noise :*( Haha so you can see it means a lot to me that you read my blogs! I wish you didnt live so far I would love to chill out and watch Conchords or Daria with you! Thanks for the corrections and additions I will add them for sure, you also inspired me to write a new blog, Im thinking Walter Meego, thanks Android lets keep in touch!