Saturday, January 31, 2009

CuteXdooM2:Anita Fontaine;GoMA

When I was at GoMA (gallery of modern art in Brisbane) I came across this amazing video game in the New Media art exhibition. It's called Cutexdoom2 which sounds like a scene kid's myspace name but is in fact an interactive art installation in Playstation2 format about the strange completely unexplained obsession the world has with all things kawaii.Here is a description by the (australian) artist Anita Fontaine "Cutexdoom is where extremist nu-wave cults and consumerable plush icons unwillingly combine." Playing the game is exhausting for the eyes as colours flash pulsate and zigzag across the screen, static roars and the landscape warps, blurs and glitches intentionally. It was one of the most surreal experiences I've ever had and now I'm hellbent on figuring out how to get hold of the GoMA I think I accidentally drowned the protagonist Sally Sanrio in some noxious looking rainbow coloured water trying to escape Yumi-Co's toy temple (Yumi-Co is a cult of fanatical worshippers of cute..their god is an adorable robotic panda)... Yeah I could'nt get many pictures but there are more on her Flickr...But ANYWAY definitley check out the video on her site. Really do. It's masterly.

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