Friday, September 18, 2009


so, it seems i haven't blogged for a very long time.
since then i've gotten obsessed with donnie darko UH-GAIN! and fallen in love with Monorail Cat! Thank god for teh intrawebz!!!1!!11
i have become a total rebel, seriously i'm such a bamf these days -____-"
and i like this band called enter shikari, yuuh, they're pre' great.
i decided on what job i would like :D
i decided high school isn't so bad after all!
and i am crazy for small plastic cups of frozen reconstituted orange juice affectionately known as OJ cups.
Here is my song:
my OJ cup is frozen hard,
makes me say,
"oh my lawd!"
thank you, for blessing me with
80 cents to pay the canteen fee,
it tastes good!
and i know, as such,
this is my OJ cup, you can't touch!

okay so maybe it's not very original but the lyrics mean so much to me! n___n
so, i suppose i've changed a lot since i started this blog, maybe that's a good thing for the people who read this or maybe not, but it's good for me.
oh and the chuck palahniuk writes the most incredible books.
good day.

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