Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I missed you :)

I'm back like cooked crack....the cat in the hat! hah I see no one missed me :/ well...I don't have very much to say, I was just in the mood for posting today as I am home sick with a suspected case of swinefluenza (or so everyone keeps saying) umm I don't have much news. I feel like changing the 'unprofessional' layout of my blog. oh on Monday I have an interview with one of the biggest corporations in the world...they're going to pay me their blood money for turning burgers over so fat people's hunger can be satiated. I feel a little bit bad about this. My mum says I'm selling out and preying on peoples addictions and supporting globalization and all that but then she's not the one paying for all the stupid things I suddenly decide to want (i.e. 12 plastic 'deputy sheriff' badges from cheap as chips ;; thanks grandma C:)I do need money. I feel sad because I live in a world where you can't get money without hurting someone or doing something damaging. Aaanyway here is a short list containing things I love at the moment....
it is so interesting! it's amazing how cool some people are! and it makes me want to go to finland and sweden...the awesomest countries on our earth.
anyways NEXT thing is the band P:ano I don't exactly know how to describe them. Their myspace says indie/folk/pop but y'know that sounds boring. They use so many interesting sounds in their songs, my favourites being 'dark hills' and 'hiroshima mon amour' But yeah, P:ano are simply the best...well second best. I still love Emmy The Great with all my heart.
and lastly Edie Sedgwick! I don't think there'll ever be a celebrity (?) / famous figure I love more. ever.
here she is with bffl andy warhola. (L)

umm that is about all for now... goodness what an atrociously disorganised post! well I'll leave you with this hilarious (?) advertisement for Lucky Strike cigarettes...
love, peace and hairgrease ^^
ho ho ho

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peaitlreiecnia said...

ummm, awesome post much?

sorry i hate adding much to the end of sentences, it makes me feel teenybopper but this post was so cool, it definitely deserved the acknowledgement,

and in regards to your comment? i'm glad to be back