Friday, January 30, 2009

Mentally ill bats have flow.

Hi , first post of the year...I'm back from Brizvegas and I've started high school (scary!) am still contemplating the termination of this blog because I can't be bothered posting these days and I have waay better things to do. Ummm I've been rewatching long-forgotten childhood favourites (technically I'm still a child lol.) on Youtube such as The Brave Little Toaster (which despite containing the most disturbing dream sequence in the history of G-rated movies remains one of the sweetest animations Ive ever watched) and Ferngully:The Last Rainforest.
I know Ferngully is majorly majorly corny, out of date( I don't think anyone has used the expression 'bodacious babe' for at least 17 years) and initially made as extreme enviromentalism propaganda but at the age of 6 I was crazy about it...actually I was pretty scared of the motor oil drinking demon and I hated those australian fairies. But I LOVED the bat and his song. Laugh at me all you like...

I probably broke the VCR by rewinding back to this multiple times...
anyway I will post again when THIS HEATWAVE IS OVER because it's making my logic erratic..

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