Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dusk Til Dawn 2

While the official video is really cool (Pip Brown a.k.a. Ladyhawke stars in her own little B-Grade horror musical) this second take is heaps better cause' it stars her family and friends! I have'nt really heard of a muso doing this before. The tune itself is super catchy which is what you can expect from the kiwi queen of 80's revivalism (seriously she makes legwarmers and synthesizers seem like they were invented this year). Anyways take a look you might recognize some familiar faces such as Sia Furler and Dev Hynes.
bang bang bang on the wall....


peaitlreiecnia said...

Oh wow I just saw this clip and I had no idea about her family being in it. I love those tshirts they wore hey?

also thank you for your nice words regarding my poetry *taking a bow*

Yeah, Rebel Wilson cracks me up something shocking.

"You can't take food from outside into the hospital!"
"Oh, no that's just my chafe. It smells like roast beef"

And her mother! Funniest thing ever.

I totally agree about Obama's speech. It was so great how he addressed the Americans that still required him to earn their respect i.e. The McCain party.

McCain for one, would not have adressed the Democrats unless it would have been to rub in that he won.

Definitely get a deviantart account. Then let me know. I haven't been on mine for a while on account of a lack of new artwork, but I got a new diary the other day so I am starting again.

Kaitlyn Jane said...

yeah id love your help. do you wanna doa review of a band for next week?? pretty much all youve got to do is say what you think, list some songs, contact info, available on itunes or wherever and send it to me in a message or to what ever thanks!

Weirdology said...