Saturday, November 1, 2008

Coffee Things

This thing (above) is so cool it's actually an espresso machine....for mad scientists! It looks so much better than the brick things with all the pointless settings. And while we're on the subject how good is the caffeine molecule bling and awesome 'I am not a paper cup' ceramic 'mug' up top both from Thinkgeek.


peaitlreiecnia said...

the stuff you manage to find is nothing short of amazing. as is your blog, and thank you for your lovely comment


Sofia said...

I love the espresso machine - hope that doesn't make me a mad scientist - I think I need some coffee right now :)

peaitlreiecnia said...

you always find such cool stuff.i just looked at the 1000 journals post. lol

just looking at your post down below, with all the edible looking jewellery on display, I'm reminded of that place is amazing, it's exploding with talent.

Don't worry about going on about bad music, it seems like it permeates every crevice of the Australian music scene but that's only cause it's so GODDAMN commercial.

i'll show you some horrendous lyrics I found by a pair of tween pop tarts

"When I walk into the room people stop and stare
It's like nobody else is there
Boys and girls pretend to know me, they try so hard
And I get what I want, my name is my credit card
Don't try to hate me because I am so popular
You always wanna be around me
So you know what it's like
When the world is at your feet"

I couldn't stop my up-chuck reflexes the first time I heard this. Absolute joke. I was in Myer one time and they happened to be spruiking something and me being the idiot that I am, decided to say out loud 'What a pair of talentless LOSERS'. I was almost eaten by a crowd of angry teen Veronicaz groupies.

And in regard to 'most of my best pictures are in margins and the back of schoolbooks'?

I can absolutely agree. My school diary was perfect. What looked like me studiously copying down my homework was actually usually a animal caricature of the teacher in question.

I love Inspector Rex! Lol But I guess I can see how they think it's cheesy. Wasn't it funny about the American version of Kath and Kim FAILING?

Oh dear. What an outrageously long comment. Also, if you don't already, you should watch Bogan Pride. It's on SBS 9:00pm on Mondays.


Maggie said...

Arrrgh, you're so annoying. Your blog is so great. Love the mug. I want one for me!!! =]
You can actually write for a start. don't you hate those people that go on and on about absolute nothingnes.. ie, me!!! anyway, I am deleting my blog and starting a new one... again, so I'll see you later.
xxx Magsie...

Weirdology said...

I just found this pair of converse that was hand painted with OMJ, as in Oh My Jonas!!!!
The excrutiating pain. Who eould wear that? It's just degrading!
xx Maggie