Friday, April 25, 2008

Plush Love

I'M applying for this job at a bowling alley (random, i know) BUT i know what i'll be spending my 1st paycheck on ... HEIDI KENNEY'S ADORABLE PLUSHIES!! this NYC artist is so totally radical! She makes everykind of plush from muffins and lollipops to bizarre werewolf creatures and even a plush toilet!!(go figure!) check out her website and see all the wacked out soft creations she has made! i jfeel so sorry for these little melted icecreams*sniff* Anyway i was thinking of bringing Miriam an um Crying Cactus plush...

anyway cyaz *plush!plush*

THE POST (da da da daaaaaa!)

Hey Kids,

Welcome to my wonderful BLOG!

I also welcome super lil' Miriam Susannah Bell who came into the world at three minutes past seven o'clock on thursday the twenty-fourth day of the month of april! *GASP* Welcome Mimi :)

Just about the healthiest baby alive and so pretty! We luv u mia bear!!

p.s. dont'cha just love the orange sock :)

Also as you well know if you are an aussie its ANZAC DAY (and probably other nationalities aswell) lest we forget and all that, early rising 4 the dawn service:)

pretty important day though, it was actually mizza's due date.(note how i have so many names for her already!)but yeah to buisness! this blog is where im gonna put stuff i love and/or hate, random ramblings, links,vids, my fav pictures all that , stuff thats important to me, all the fruitful product of my hours long cool hunting quests across the WWW !yay!

thats al4 now but...