Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Cans Festival

A Banksy Organized Spray-Stencilling marathon? I never got an invite :(
The Cans Festival was held in a tunnel underneath Waterloo station and it was all Banksy's idea!
Watch the video below

Friday, May 23, 2008


I really love Apak and now they have a new exhibition -"Worlds Of Wonder" its at Giant Robot Gallery, NYC! all this is making me consider moving over day. Anyways the new exhibition is really cool, its made up of sculptures and paintings in the original Apak style, artfully cute with beautiful concepts and all. Here is just a sample of "Worlds of Wonder" exhibition!
Be sure to check out ApakStudio!

Papaya!Creative Abandon

Look at these beautiful notebooks!!!(left)
I love them all! you can get them @!
where you can also get Magnets, cards and gorgeous wrapping paper!
hurrah! I too have been sketching and colouring my own imaginations and ideas!
I would put them on the site but i'm worried they might get used for things without my permission. Sad how these things are. I have been drawing some inspiration from Koralie(Pink girl pictured, bottom), who currently has an exhibition at the Joshua Liner gallery in New York. Why they couldn't make it in Adelaide I don't know.
yeah okay I'll end right here. !mwah!

Clash Of The Ninja!

Hey everyone
here is something i really want!
NARUTO Clash Of The Ninja: Revolution on Nintendo Wii!
you can play almost every character and it looks way fun! Watch Tenten Being awesome in this trailer! My friend Ruby has a Wii and Naruto is her thing so she probably heard about it ages back!
Anyway post me loads of comments and all !
it is good to hear from my buddies!

I Love Fafi!

Who is she ?
Fafi is a french graffiti artist, who is now quite famous in europe and has collaborated with various brands like Adidas, LeSportSac and M.A.C. cosmetics!
check out her cool pictures at Fafinette!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


I really like this art! Its not a breathtaking revolutionary piece but it sure is cute!
Go on TeamKitten's website and see some more of their art!
BTW did I mention the artist is Australian?

Shoppy Shop!

A new place to shop ! Thanx every1 for voting on my Which Shoes? poll but i have found an answer! Enter Tokidoki.. its kawaii as + it has collaborated with almost all my favourite brands, I really love The Apple cap and Tiger shoes! They also make skateboard decks, badges and growsuits! i'm thinking of Mia again!
Anyways go on their site and see what they have come up with !


I really need a USB for school and these Mimoco flash drives are sooo adorable, I love the Friends With You characters and the Domo Kun range!
They also have Star Wars and Happy Tree Friends characters!
The pictures included are all 1GB and cost US 40$. love them!

And now for something completely different...

The morning paper
Harbinger of good and Ill
I step over it

Freeway Overpass--
Blossoms in grafitt i on
Fog-wrapped June mornings

props 4

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


hasn't it been a while!
i have a lot to say but i cant be bothered saying it so i will just down my new favourite things :)most of which is british.
first of all i have become a big fan of M.I.A.-"Paper Planes"and The Wombats"Let's Dance To Joy Division"
I also am in love with Takashi Murakami who is a japanese visual artist not very well known but really cool sort of abstract complicated cartoony type illustrations. He did the cover artwork for Kanye West's Graduation Album..Enjoy